Splitless-Py-GCMS for ng levels analysis of MPs

Multi functional Splitless sampler-PyGCMS

Frontier Lab has developed new multifunctional splitless sampler which allows splitless pyrolysis, backflush, solvent cut and improves peak separation & sensitivity.

1. New Splitless Pyrolysis: High-sensitivity detection of trace pyrolyzates and solvent venting

2. Backflush: Shortens analysis time by blocking high-boiling compounds from flowing into separation column

3. Peak separation improvement: Improved peak separation by selecting an appropriate pre-column

For more details, please download our Brochure

We have published a research article with our new sampler.

Highly sensitive detection of polystyrene by on-line splitless pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with cryo-trapping of pyrolyzates and forced venting of carrier gas

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