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Frontier Lab SEA Monthly Webinar

We are organizing monthly webinar to share about our pyrolyzer usage in various Pyrolysis GCMS (Py-GCMS) Applications for different industires. If you are interested to learn more about Py-GCMS technique and its applications, please attend our monthly webinar. You can register using the link given below.

Frontier Lab Innovative Pyrolyzer: An advanced tool for polymer characterization

Pyrolyzer (Pyrolysis-GCMS)

Frontier Lab offers multi functional analytical pyrolyzer which can be installed on all major brands of GC-MS and allows expanding your lab capabilities for advanced material characterization to address various analytical challenges in product development, reverse engineering and failure analysis. We have developed full range of accessories to maximize the performance and use of this tool for various analytical needs in variety of industries (Polymer, additives, plastics, rubber, paints and coatings, biomass research and microplastics analysis). Please watch this video to learn more about our full ranges of accessories.

Frontier Lab’s Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer can be operated in different analytical techniques/methods depending on the objective your sample analysis. The most common four major Analytical Techniques are:

  • EGA- Evolved Gas Analysis
  • Single Shot Analysis 
  • Double Shot Analysis:
  • Heart Cutting EGA-GCMS

Plastics and Rubber Industries conduct Polymer Analysis and additives analysis using Frontier Lab’s Py-GCMS system through Evolved Gas Analysis, Thermal Desorption and Flash Pyrolysis

Pyrolyzer: Py-GCMS

Frontier Lab offer an innovative Pyrolyzer which is developed based on micro furnace Technology. As a result, it enables versatility of the pyrolyzer for various applications. Frontier Lab’s Pyrolyzer in combination with  GCMS (Py-GCMS) can offer you simple solution to solve many of your analytical challenges because of its multi-mode operation. Our  Pyrolyzer  (pyrolysis GCMS combination) can operate in  different Analytical modes because of which it helps you to navigate an unknown samples, reverse engineering or contamination analysis. It is widely used in industries like Plastic, Rubber, Paints & Coatings  and Oil & Gas Industries. Polymer and additives analysis are major applications for different objectives. Evolved Gas Analysis, Thermal Desorption (TD-GCMS) and Flash Pyrolysis (Py-GCMS) are most common techniques used in many applications.

Please watch this video so that you can understand how method mapping is done with four different analytical techniques.