Webinar: Characterization of 3D Printing Polymers using Py-GCMS

Pyrolyzer webinar

We are happy to invite you for our March month webinar which will be held on Mar 23, 2023, from 4.30 PM Singapore/Malaysia Time zone. The topic will be “CHARACTERIZATION OF 3D PRINTING POLYMERS USING PY-GCMS’

We are happy to inform you that we will be sharing recorded presentation of Prof. Rigoberto C Advincula, Professor, OAK RIDGE National Laboratory, USA [ https://www.ornl.gov/staff-profile/rigoberto-c-advincula]

Rigoberto Advincula is a leading figure in the realm of advanced materials, polymers, and nanomaterials. His areas of research include utilizing the structure and functionalities of materials on a near-atomic scale, characterizing and developing new materials sensors, optics, biotechnology, biomedicine, energy production, and advanced manufacturing.

Py-GCMS in 3D Printing Polymers Characterization

Manufacturers are always seeking new technologies and developments that increase production efficiency and the quality of the produced parts.
Many analytical protocols used to analyze 3 D printing and coating
components require multi step sample preparation prior to chromatographic analysis These procedures often include solvent
extraction, filtration, and concentration These traditional techniques are cumbersome, time consuming, and suffer from analyst to analyst variability while producing data of limited value
Samples are analyzed “as is” when using the Frontier pyrolyzer No sample preparation is needed Eliminating the solvent extraction process enhances the precision of quantitative analysis while virtually prevent sample contamination and improves analytical
efficiency . These are three of the primary reasons many manufacturing and polymer development laboratories utilize the Frontier Pyrolyzer.

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