Frontier Lab SEA Monthly Webinar: Pyrolysis GCMS for Forensic Applications

Py-GCMS for forensic applications

Webinar on Pyrolysis GCMS for Forensic Applications

We would like to invite you to join our monthly webinar where we are discussing Py-GCMS application for different industries.

In Feb month webinar, we will be discussing applications related to foresnic analysis.

Background: Pyrolysis-GCMS is a powerful tool that is used for the analysis of polymer and additives and other organic compounds. Two key benefits of this techniques are direct sample analysis and able to handle trace amount of samples. The key applications in forensic analyis are:

  • Detection of sulfonamides, barbiturates, and alkaloids such as morphine; heroine, phenacetin and caffeine (often used in forensic science).
  • Forensic examinationof automotive paint traces
  •  identification and discrimination of commercial silicone elastomer formulations
  • and More

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